At some point your company will need to recruit staff. This can be a very long and difficult process which is affected by legislation – we can help. This covers all fields and includes both temporary and permanent staff.

We will work in conjunction with your company and managers to:

  • Take the initial job and personal specification
  • Conduct the interviews and select the best candidates
  • Present suitable candidates for your business as required


Cayman Ghana Limited can offer a tailored package to suit your company, working with your team to learn your needs and what you need from a candidate.
We can support in a range of ways, including:

  • advertising for and sourcing candidates
  • interview either face to face and/or by phone with the chosen applicants
  • present a short list to your managers
  • support in conducting final interviews
  • taking up references

This would be fully discussed, and a solution put in place to meet your company’s needs. Also, we can help by tailoring a package suitable for your company’s individual needs which is legally compliant and reflects best practice. This can involve all aspects of the recruitment process from drafting adverts, managing the response, supporting through the selection process and ensuring candidates have appropriate references which are validated and finally draft the offer letters outlining the Particulars of Employment. We are experts in our field of supporting the SME business owner who employ from 2- 80 staff.