Why spend your valuable time researching complex HR topics, when you can have access to a library of HR checklists, toolkits, and best practices prepared by HR professionals right when you need them. When you’re needs require a more personalized touch, your dedicated HR professional is ready to provide the critical HR advice that you need to ensure adherence to relevant and ever-changing employment laws. Users of CGL HR On- Demand enjoy a confidence and peace-of-mind knowing they have a safety net of friendly, dependable, and knowledgeable human resource expertise. HR On Demand saves time and money.

  • Enables internal resources to focus on core competencies rather than spending time researching and contending with HR-related topics.
  • Avoids the expense of consulting with an attorney at times when topics are easily addressed by a competent, HR professional.
  • Equips your business to make decisions and handle issues in a manner that minimizes risk.
  • Ensures streamlined process for resolution of HR-related needs in a timely, professional, accurate, and legally compliant manner.


What’s included with an HR on Demand subscription?

  • Dedicated HR phone and email support from 8 am – 5 pm PT (M-F)
  • Up to three hours per month of remote support from HR professionals
  • Forms, procedures, guidelines, and relevant documentation
  • Guaranteed next business day response on HR inquiries
  • Access to web trainings on regulatory updates and relevant HR topics
  • Monthly newsletters containing regulatory updates, monthly HR to-do list, and helpful articles

Subscribers of Cayman Ghana Limited H.R On-Demand may want to contact us when:

  • Determining employee status (exempt, non-exempt, independent contractor)
  • Responding to employee leave or accommodation questions
  • An employee needs to or has taken extended time off of work
  • A regulatory agency has contacted you regarding an employment issue
  • You need to understand the impact of current or pending employment laws
  • Dealing with an employee conflict, investigation or performance issue
  • Considering termination of an employee



CGL’s handbook products are carefully designed to integrate HR best practices, reflect your business environment, and ensure that documented company policies and guidelines are aligned with employment laws. Done correctly, an employee handbook is a foundational component of your business—providing value to both the employer and employee, including:

  • An introduction for new employees to the policies, procedures, and culture of your company
  • A helpful tool for employees and supervisors to understand and consistently adhere to organizational practices
  • A useful guide to reinforce uniform application of company policies
  • Legal evidence that your company’s policies are consistent with and encourage adherence to employment laws


At Cayman Ghana Limited, we have three convenient Employee Handbook Options:

Our Packages include:
• Custom employee handbooks
• Employee handbook subscription service
• Employee handbook review


Our Industry-leading technology allows you and your employees to manage HR online. This technology also is a complete Personnel Management system with facilities for managing all employee information, managing employee leave with automatic updating; have as many leave types as possible, track disciplinary action per employee, handle absenteeism, employee transfers, duty reporting from leave, employee appraisal, medical, training and development etc. Specifically the following modules are available: HR planning, recruitment processing, employee personal information, personnel administration, separation, health & safety, collective bargaining/negotiations, miscellaneous, reports and fast inquiry Payroll, benefits, expenses, PTO and more on a single platform for maximum efficiency.

Time Tracking System:
Time is a universal constant but most often very mismanaged. There’s no argument reliable time tracking is of great use to businesses and organizations today. Just like any organization in the world, businesses spend close to 10 -15% of their annual profit on payroll cost. Time tracking of employees can be extremely difficult and a major loop hole for employee time theft in organizations in Ghana. The number one reason for mismanagement of employee times stems from the lack of no proper system put in place to track employee hours. Let Cayman Ghana Limited eliminate the conventional method of managing employees and resolve issues of absenteeism through our bespoke time tracking system.